Good Cause Eviction

What apartments are covered by Good Cause Protections? If you meet all the conditions below, you may be eligible for

Online Rent Payments

My landlord says I have to pay rent online because COVID-19, what can I do? You do not have to


Bedbugs in New York City Apartments Why are bedbugs such a problem in New York City? Bedbugs, the tiny, biting

Finding a Lawyer

Learn how to find a lawyer to help you with your housing issues.

Rent Control

Rent control is the older of the two rent regulation systems in place in New York City. Today it covers only those tenants who live in buildings built before February 1, 1947 and who have lived in their apartments since July 1, 1971 (if the building has fewer than three units, since April 1, 1953), or a person who succeded an apartment who was in since then.

Holdover Evictions

Learn more about holdover evictions and what to do if a case is initiated against you.

Getting Repairs

Learn what to do if your landlord isn’t providing essential services or making prompt repairs.

Heat & Hot Water

Learn what to do if your landlord does not provide adequate heat and hot water.