Good Cause Eviction

What apartments are covered by Good Cause Protections? If you meet all the conditions below, you may be eligible for

Finding a Lawyer

Learn how to find a lawyer to help you with your housing issues.

Holdover Evictions

Learn more about holdover evictions and what to do if a case is initiated against you.

Casos Por Falta de Pago

¿Qué es un caso de incumplimiento de pago?  En un caso de incumplimiento de pago, el propietario mantiene que usted


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我的房東對我發起逾期驅逐訴訟需要理由嗎?  大多數情況下,房東在提起逾期驅逐訴訟前必須首先通知租客離開公寓。通…


由于逾期驱逐诉讼的复杂性和败诉后果的严重性,我们强烈建议您在应诉逾期驱逐诉讼案件时寻求法律咨询。   我的房东…