One-Shot Deals

What is a one-shot deal?

A one-shot deal is a one-time payment from the Human Resources Administration (HRA) to pay back rent in order to avoid being evicted. Eligibility criteria for one-shots are complicated, each application is evaluated on a case-by-base basis, but generally, there must be a reason that has prevented you from paying the unexpected expense and you must be able to show how you will pay the expense moving forward. These grants are technically a loan.

How do I apply for a one-shot deal?

You can apply using Access HRA. Or go to the Human Resources Administration (HRA) or Home Base center that serves your area. If you have a marshal’s notice go to the HRA office in Housing Court and see if they can help the application process go faster.

Do I need to be facing eviction or have a court case?

You are not required to have a case in Housing Court. Your application will be considered if you receive a demand letter from the landlord. The process can take a long time, so apply as soon as possible.

What do I need to have for the application?

  1. Court papers or demand letter from your landlord
  2. A breakdown from the landlord showing month-by-month amounts
  3. Proof of Income or award letters for every member of the household and/or SSI/SSA award letter
  4. Savings and checking account information
  5. Lease
  6. Birth certificate and social security card for everyone in the household
  7. Utility bills
  8. Proof of an emergency that caused you to owe rent (medical bills, funeral expenses, proof of loss of income)
  9. Check or money order for your share of back rent

What if I can’t afford to pay my rent going forward?

To qualify for a one-shot deal you need to show that you can pay your rent going forward. If you can’t pay the rent going forward, you will need a family member or friend to help you pay your future rent. This person is called a “third party”.

They will need to sign documents promising to help you pay the rent. If the “third party” does not pay, HRA will not go after them for the money but it will be very difficult to get an one-shot deal again.

Can I get more than one, one-shot deals?

You can apply for a one-shot deal even if you had one in the past. If you had a one-shot deal that you did not pay back, you may have trouble getting another one. If you made payments you will have a better chance. You need to show HRA a new reasons for falling behind.

Will I have to pay back my one-shot deal?

HRA typically isn’t very strict regarding repayment and (according to NYLAG) has not taken any legal action against tenants who were unable to pay back a One-Shot Deal. Repayment will be based on your monthly income and can be adjusted and even put on hold depending on circumstances. The determination notice will inform you whether or not the grant must be repaid under State law. Under state law, most people will have to pay HRA back at least some of the money, though clients receiving SSI are not required to repay emergency grants and certain kinds of arrears do not have to be repaid.

How long will it take to receive a decision?

It can take 30 to 45 days to receive a decision after all documents have been submitted. If you do not receive a decision after this time, check back with the office that submitted your application. If you have problems receiving a decision, contact an elected official to advocate on your behalf.