Jane Benedict

Description: Invitation for Jane Benedict’s 80th birthday celebration.  Date: 1991 Creator: Unknown Original Format: Purple printing on card stock, 5 x


Description: Flyer for a Paint-In at the apartment of squatter Juantia Kimble. Date: May 1970 Creator: Unknown Original Format: Document,

People’s Court

Description: A tenant testifies on housing conditions at the People’s Court Housing Crimes Trial, organized jointly by Met Council on

Trailways Boycott

Description: Letter from Jane Benedict to Marvin Walsh, Vice President of Trailways, imforming him of Met Council on Housing’s decision

Branch Meeting

Description: Poster advertising a special meeting at the West Side branch of Met Council on Housing on current organizing efforts.

Rent Strike

Description: Tenants of 533 5th Street pose in front of their building during a rent strike. Date: [1984] Creator: Becket

Renew the Rent Laws

Description: A tenant demands the renewal of the rent laws in 1997. Date: [1997] Creator: Unknown Original Format: Black and

No Deals on E.T.P.A.

Description: Tenants demonstrate in support of the Emergency Tenant Protection Act, which extended rent stabilization to most of the apartments

Stop Ballooning Rents

Description: Poster demanding the repeal of changes to the rent regulation system enacted during the early 1970s, including Vacancy Decontrol,

Stop Warehousing

Description: Demonstration in front of 640 Riverside Drive, which had approximately 60 vacant apartments. Date: Jul 1989 Creator: Unknown Original Format:

Housing Crimes Trial

Description: English and Spanish language posters for the People’s Court Housing Crimes Trial. The poster was also produced in Chinese.


Description: Eviction of squatters from an occupied co-op building at 90th St and Columbus Ave. Date: Feb 26, 1970 Creator:

Vacant Land Survey

Description: Publication by the Metropolitan Council on Housing based on their first vacant land survey. Met Council on Housing identified

Washington Square Neighbors

  Description: Flyer from the Washington Square Neighbors on the progress of the fight against the Washington Square Southeast urban

Stop All Evictions

Description: Met Council on Housing members pose with a “Stop All Evictions” banner. Date: Jun 1989 Creator: Barry Hall Original

March on Washington

Description: Met Council on Housing delegation to the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which filled two railway

No Decontrol

Description: Postcard opposing rent decontrol sent to council members in Albany leading up to Tenant Lobby Day on May 12,


Description: Tenants demonstrate in front of Edward Koch’s campaign headquaters on East 42nd St. Ed Koch’s mayoralty was notable for

Crosses on Our Windows

Description: The cover of a Yorkville Save Our Homes publication documenting the destruction of neighborhoods during urban renewal. Homes slated

Bess Stevenson

  Description: Bess Stevenson with a megaphone. Date: Undated Creator: Unknown Original Format: Black and White photograph, 5 x 8

Rent Freeze

Description: Protesters at a Rent Guidelines Board hearing, Police Plaza Auditorium. Date: Jun 25, 1984 Creator: Becket Logan Original Format:

Bess Stevenson

Description: Bess Stevenson speaks at a rent strike meeting at the Church of the Holy Name. Date: Apr 4, 1981

Jane Wood

Description: At the age of 93, Jane Wood held a sleep-in in the lobby of her building to hasten an