Our Homes, Our Power

New York’s housing crisis is at a boiling point, but the real estate industry is only concerned with fattening their wallets. They are using their power over Governor Hochul and parts of the legislature to block protections against rent hikes and evictions, ignoring the desperate situation of many New Yorkers.

For years, the landlord lobby has been obstructing tenants’ rights. This year, they are going even further by using OUR rent money to push for rollbacks to New York’s hard-won rent stabilization system, and opposing Good Cause Eviction.

But we will not allow them to succeed! The people of New York are banding together in solidarity to shut down the landlord lobby and prevent them from using our money to undermine tenants’ rights. This is our city, and we will fight for the protection of our homes and communities.

What we are fighting for:

  • $5B for NYCHA, $5B for Social Housing, 
  • Statewide Good Cause, 
  • Housing Access Voucher Program, 
  • Statewide right to Counsel, & 
  • Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act

We were able to win some good protections and stop the worst of the landlord rollbacks