Suspend Rent - House the Homeless

Cancel Rent and House the Homeless Campaign

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Before COVID-19, New York was already in a housing crisis. 50% of the State could not afford their rent, and 92,000 New Yorkers were homeless. 

Today, that crisis is reaching never-before-seen proportions. 1.1 million New Yorkers have lost income and are living on the brink of evicton. 51% of of Black families have missed a month of rent in the last 3 months. 100 New Yorkers have died in shelter, unable to take precautions to stay healthy during COVID-19. 

There are 3 bills before the State legislature that, together, would meaningfully address the COVID-19 housing crisis and keep our families healthy and HOUSED. 

If we don’t act now, it will be too late! Call your state reps and ask them to sponsor and pass these three bills TODAY! 

  • Cancel Rent (Salazar/Niou) (S8802/A10826)
  • Eviction Moratorium (Myrie/Reyes)  (S8667/A10827) 
  • Housing Access Voucher Program (Kavanagh/Cymbrowitz) (S7628A/A9657)

Thousands of tenants joined the rent strike. Rent Strikes are more than not paying rent to your landlord. It involves talking with your neighbors, confronting your landlord, and sharing with the public. You can’t do a rent strike alone. Every Monday 6:30-8pm, we will have a zoom call to talk about what is happening in our buildings and plan more collective actions. You can join via computer or phone.

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Due to new security measures, you must register for each Monday Night meeting separately We are here to support you during this scary process but you don’t have to go it alone, join our weekly call Every Monday 6:30-8pm.

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