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Eva Santos Veloz

Tenant Organizer



Eva Santos Veloz is a dedicated community organizer and activist driven to advance social justice causes. With a passion for standing up for civil rights, she leverages her experiences and voice to make a meaningful impact. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in NYC since the age of three, she brings a unique perspective to the table. She has organized and participated in high-profile protests at the White House and rallies all over NYC that have drawn crowds of over 100 people. As a DACA recipient and long-time New Yorker, Eva has experienced firsthand the struggles of tenants in the city. She is committed to using her voice and experiences to drive positive change and is excited to bring her skills and experiences to her tenant organizer role, fighting for the rights and dignity of tenants across the city.

Jermaya Zuffo

Hotline Volunteer Coordinator



Jermaya is a South Bronx/Uptown local who has seen the skyline of his home change and felt the pressures of trying to afford a place to live. He enjoys working in the field of housing because it’s a part of everyone’s lives, whether they have it or not. He also recognizes that it’s so central to life that progress in housing is progress everywhere. Jermaya has worked as a cog in the city’s social service machine as a case manager in family shelters. He’s also worked as a housing advocate (and a real person) for a project supporting homeless youth. Jermaya spent 3 years as an active volunteer with Met Council on Housing’s hotline and clinic (and more) before taking on the role of operating them. He was introduced to this organization the same way so many others were- through a mission to get his landlord to do the bare minimum. He is a graduate of Hostos Community College with a degree in Public Policy & Administration, and is currently enrolled in City College for a degree in Political Science. Jermaya had a career in kitchens growing up, starting in fast casual restaurants and ending in kitchens of prestigious institutions. He still has a love of cooking (and eating). He also likes to be outside, and he loves being active.

Sandra Valera

Administrative Assistant



Sandra has supported nonprofit organizations in varying capacities for over seven years now. She finds her work rewarding because she’s able to help different communities. She’s worked with the ALS Association, Safe Horizon, and NMIC. Now, she has joined forces with the Met Council to learn all there is to know about tenant rights and advocate for Met Council members. Sandra is a Manhattan native who enjoys spending time with her family and friends in her spare time. She’s passionate about traveling to the Caribbean, and she’s a proud Temple University grad. 

Denis Ibarra

Digital Organizer


Dominique Bernucca-Hood

Tenant Organizer


I am a local history nerd and a perennial advocate for housing, nutrition, and educational justice around my home on Staten Island; you will often see me with my dog Peach walking around my most hilly enclave right by the ferry I take into work every day. After being chased out of the borough of my birth as a child by the rising cost of housing, gentrification and profit-chasing, I have returned to the city as an eager supporter & dogged organizer of those New York families who are standing up for their right to remain and pushing back against the forces of relentless commodification in this city of ours. I am eager to devote my work here to enshrining the evolution of our city’s culture, communal ties, and civic engagement with each others’ communities so that we may connect the torch we hold and all that the Met Council has achieved in the past with the pressing campaign of citywide organizing we find ourselves faced with today.

Darius Khalil Gordon

Executive Director



Darius Khalil Gordon is the former Director of Organizing for Churches United for Fair Housing, Deputy Director of Constituency Organizing for the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign and former National Field Organizer for the Center for Popular Democracy. Darius has brought his energy and years of experience as a lead organizer for Citizen Action of New York, and National Organizer for the Gathering for Justice to the table. Darius first came to New York to serve as African American and Youth director for a State Assembly campaign. When the campaign ended, he began work with the Working Families Canvassing and Fundraising team where he expanded his knowledge and practical skills for electoral and social justice work. In early 2014, Darius started as a community organizer for Citizen Action of New York, working on and winning campaigns such as Fight for $15, paid sick leave, and paid family leave. He has also has victories in the criminal justice field being a member of the Justice League NYC, where they helped get Raise the Age legislation passed in New York state, making now illegal to house 16 and 17 year olds in adult jail and prison facilities. He is a Washington D.C native.

Andrea Shapiro


Director of Programs and Advocacy



Andrea is a lifelong Brooklynite, who is passionate about building strong and stable communities. She came to the Met Council after being the Volunteer Manager at Hunger Free America. Andrea has previously worked as a field organizer and lobby day coordinator for a political consulting firm. She has also worked closely with the domestic workers rights movement both nationally and locally as part of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ), where she is on the board. Andrea has a Masters in Social Work specializing in Community Organizing from Silberman School of Social Work.  She has also been a Grace Paley Organizing Fellow and Rene Cassin Human Rights Fellow.  Before returning to school, Andrea worked in the development department at the Metropolitan Opera. When not organizing, she has a passion for art and cooking.

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